The SQ-2 can be used as a combustion accelerant. The quality,Guest Posting shape, and the oxygen bomb pressure on the boron powder can be studied. The test finds the gas temperature is the key parameters that affect the combustion efficiency of boron powder. Increasing the limit temperature is an effective means to improve the measurement of heat of combustion for boron powder.

The heat of combustion of a substance alliant gunpowder represents the chemical potential it has. Boron because of its high heat of combustion value of people of all ages, the most promising high-energy propellant and metal additives. Its quality thermal to value 58.81MJ/kg, its volumetric calorific value of 137.94KJ/cm3. Boron particles will be oxidized in the air, on the surface generated of B2O3. Partial oxidation of boron powder, its chemical potential (heat of combustion) is also reduced. Therefore, its heat of combustion was measured before using boron powder is necessary.

Compared to other metal powder, boron powder combustion is very difficult. Therefore, how to improve the combustion efficiency of boron powder, boron powder incomplete combustion heat of combustion of the key measurements of boron powder and difficult. Increase in the case of boron powder and oxygen the same quality of combustion quality, means that the unit mass of mixture heat increased, thereby increasing the maximum temperature of the product mixture. Thick sheet of the same quality of combustion, powder combustion compounds to burning a short time, the initial burning surface heat loss, so the temperature of combustion heat can make the product even higher. Lower oxygenation pressure to improve the combustion efficiency of boron powder, so that the measured heat of combustion is closer to the theoretical heat of combustion. Reduce the oxygenated air pressure, originally for heating the heat of the excess oxygen can be saved. It is used to heat the product and makes its temperature rise to higher.

Improve the product of the maximum temperature, the proportion of the second phase of the reaction of the boron particles increases, the oxidation reaction more quickly and thoroughly, the combustion efficiency can be improved. Using the increase of combustion quality, and use the powder form of combustion and reduce the oxygenating pressure are three ways to raise the product of the highest temperature, a substantial increase in the boron powder combustion efficiency, temperature is an important factor affecting the combustion efficiency of boron powder for metal powder supplier.

Improving the quality of combustion substance, using the powder combustion, and reducing the oxygenation pressure are effective ways to improve the combustion efficiency boron powder and improve heat combustion test results. The gas temperature is an important factor to affect the combustion efficiency of boron powder. This model is consistent with boron two-stage combustion. Improvement of gas temperature increases the proportion of the second phase of the reaction for boron particles. It makes the oxidation reaction carried out more thoroughly, thereby improving the combustion efficiency for boron powder. With the temperature increases, the combustion efficiency of boron powder may be raised. But when the temperature reaches to a certain extent, improving combustion efficiency though the increasing temperature will become more