If you are walking a charity and haven’t commenced the use of the electricity of Social Media then it’s time to get commenced. There are so many benefits to having a presence in Social Media that it would fill a e-book, but we’re going to talk approximately that right here, we specializing in simply trying to sell your silent public sale via the usage of just Twitter, no longer even your Facebook Fan Page.

First component to do is try to start the excitement in your silent public sale occasion way before it’s far ever happening. Start with sending out updates to while the public sale could be taking location. But the purpose right here is to attempt to keep it vague. You want to have a purpose to your twitter fans to need to click for your link main for your internet site. It is not enough to simply put up that you have made a brand new blog submit. It has be exciting and make human beings nearly now not experience complete with out clicking at the link donations for silent auction items  for your tweet. For instance you could do some thing of the subsequent:

(Your Charity) gets concerned with Elves, Turkeys & Lots of Wine, What is Going ON? (placed the hyperlink right here)

Now from this tweet it’s miles hard to not be curious to what exactly you are speakme about. It sounds so ludicrous, that to simply let that tweet go on through is not going to be easy. Anybody would need to see what is going on with this. When the individual lands at the weblink you included with the tweet you’ll want to take them to a web page that may be a blog put up about your upcoming Christmas gala, where of course you’ll in all likelihood have Christmas decor, a few turkey to consume after which of path a bar. Once they get to the page there’s a sense of alleviation to finding out it is a silent auction. However it is a top notch idea to have human beings be placed in your charities mailing list to peer approximately in addition information popping out soon.

Once human beings start to join your mailing list you could see in the event that they can help you with getting objects donated or getting them concerned one manner or any other. The purpose right here is to increase the relationship via twitter and then circulate them to your mailing list, where they are able to preserve up with all the things you’ll be doing at your charity occasion.

Another way to apply Twitter after you begin getting items in to your silent public sale is to tweet approximately the gadgets with a view to be on display. This would possibly inspire humans to need to wait simply so they can bid on that item. While at the identical time it’s far giving your charity more exposure for the occasion, while nevertheless sending out exciting tweets and not just boring ordinary information.

There are many different approaches to truely get your charity publicity on twitter for the imminent silent auction however you may just need to get innovative. One that seems to work in reality properly is the usage of the power of tweetpic and doing a sort of photo diary of the putting in place of the occasion all the way to the end of the event and breaking it down. Doing updates each day or so, human beings will tend to anticipate your tweets if this is the case, and pictures and videos have loads better threat of being retweeted than say ordinary textual content will ever have.