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Paddle blades can be thin, allowing for flexibility and can be covered with fiberglass to add strength while maintaining very light overall weight from as little as 14 oz. A paddle carved out of a single piece of wood must be made from heavier, stronger stock in order to keep from breaking and typically weigh 2-3 lbs. Also, solid wood paddles are more prone to splitting than laminate paddles. Beauty is also a major draw for laminate canoe paddles. By layering and using strips from multiple pieces of lumber, unique wood grains, colors, and shades can be integrated into a gorgeous work of art that not only functions with superior performance, but also is a joy to view. Laminate canoe paddles not only function beautifully, but add style and grace to your voyage. tafsir mimpi

Laminate wood canoe paddles offer the best of both worlds with the tradition and comfort of wood construction with the superior strength and new designs allowed from advances in adhesives and fiberglass. These paddles are not only a wonderfully comfortable and useful tools on the water, but also beautiful works of art that are fine enough to adorn your home or cabin wall while not on the water.As the founder of Holz Canoe Paddles, Inc., I, Joe Holz, design and create hand crafted, beautiful Straight and Bent Shaft functional canoe paddles as well as decorative or ornamental paddles for home and cabin decor. Customers can easily create and design their own canoe paddle to fit their size, paddling style, and taste on our website atYou select the Grip Style, Shaft Angle, Blade Shape, Blade Design, and Overall Length to create a one of a kind paddle. With all selections, there are well over 120 possible paddle combinations to fit any size and style. Also adorn your home or cabin with our beautiful decorative paddles that include artwork to add a unique and classy touch to any decor.